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Reach these fingers sweet drip of crescent
For morrow’s breath sighs today’s hope petition.
Exhale ye hyssop, and play temptress to thy mate,
Lest avalanche steal the still of thy heart,
And consuming passion wither to Impotence’ chill.Whence comest thy fret, thence whet by her sting?
From lyre of venom plays Venus’ prized melody,
Should sent cherub Cupid’s thorn stray to Helena
While Hermia remains virgin to pierce of love’s kiss.
So silence stay thy lips as shadow be turned.

Cease such decay though flame licketh nigh,
Since grave may be fort’ and winter thieve life!
As watch becomes rigor, so grasp unfolds dreamscape,
And fantasy hedged solely by denial of thine youth.
Yet here’s tomorrow’s form – clay in thy talons.