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Can you even imagine what it would feel
to be both joyous and downcast at the same moment?

I have seen this in two instances: God and my son.

Myself, I have been with flame or ice from one moment to the next,
but the fire melts the ice
and the ice tames the fire.

The human heart is capable of truly wonderous things.
We use it so little, and then when we do, we use it for so little.
If you want to expand and be God-size within,
put on hold all your spinning and bowing,
and even if I dare say your praying;
let your heart explore each and everything
your eye sees
your nose smells
your ears record
your tongue tastes
the hands caress
and let it be filled with many things of love and war.

Then, once your pounding heart has opened your ribs
so wide you could swallow the universe –
go on spinning and bowing and praying and you will find yourself
soon enough
dancing and loving in the sand