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i can hear the
trembling of my voice
flooded in tears of never-agains
with this wet i clean your feet
the dirt on my hands leaves my stain
the strain
the pain of being who im not
i lift these hands of filth
they belong in broken plaster
faster they say
but i have fed the slow
i move in my numbness to no avail
i am cursed by what i know
addicted to what i know not
an alien limb defiles my skin
a sliver of the past i long for
ive been raped of my innocence
my virgin soul penetrated with truth
a truth i hate
the slate in my hand keep erasing
i am being erased
am i not good enough?
i shake on my drug
i have a revelation to give
it’ll hurt
cause i hurt
but it’ll be real
my real
i kick in my blood
ripped flesh battered bones
there you stand
watching me writhe in the mud
like a nothing
i am nothing
do something!