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hey Jesus. hey you.
what do you suppose i can do?
when each time i hear the door
i jump into that corner
of failed memories..and cry
where is the door?
where is the light? o
where am i?
looking down at my feet
i see only defeat
so i dance in the shadows
only to find
there can’t be any shadows
without light.
there’s no more use
of putting up a fight
im old
im weak
im beat by my enemy
cursed eyes
im yet unsure why
i believe your lies
looking through a film of red
at dead ambition
chaotic peace
the river is coming
much too fast
ive fallen from the tree of Judas
the real and not make this life
i find strife – my joy
pleasure – my pain
and the verdict falls on a
head not mine
i am i am not i will never be
able to bury the me inside of me