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a very dark hall, much like that which alice must have seen upon finding the bottom of the rabbit hole, but darker, with many doors and looking around i see that i am alone now, lacking the supportive arms i had only moments ago. silly thing, how supportive can invisible friends be, but they let us think so, and the human brain is a powerful thing, you know, capable of almost making us think we know that this way is this and that way that and our reflection is actually something close to what we look like. but alone, this feeling, is not quite so bad. it is a quiet place that really is quiet and that is a quite hard thing to discover these days. but the doors, oh so many and so pretty. i find it odd in this darkness i can see, but then darkness can take on lots of meanings and perhaps it is not so dark in that i cannot see the doors that surround me. what is most frustrating about being here is that i am always here it seems. it is a strange place, like a home, that every so often one walks into and wonders if it really is their life they are living or if perhaps they have gotten the address wrong again and… there are no rules either. i have been into many of these doors, and it is not that i must choose one and all-to-not with the others. no, that is the problem, choice, and that thus far every one has opened up to the same pretty place which within moments turns grey in my sight and causes me to fall asleep, after which i wake up here again to the same decision, which thus far has proven to be no decision whatsoever! and so today i am not sure what silliness i must do next in order to break this nonsensical cycle i find myself in. i have an idea, but it only makes me laugh, and then i find myself in a dark hall laughing to myself and forget all about what i am doing here anyways.