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a bird song
crushed by a passing car
a silent prayer
broken by a passing thought
left alone
yet i am surrounded
there is no refuge
from all this nonsense

Everywhere, all around, surrounded, by what? Who are the beautiful people that find silence and are able to stay there? We read of it, think of it, hear of it, but why does it elude us?

Silence comes to the waiting soul. Silence is not without sound, but it is without disturbance – and we are all so disturbed. Few can find it in the midst of traffic, while many miss it in the open field. And yet it is the place where without sound we hear more and within darkness we see more than all our most ambitious efforts of learning and discovery might afford us.

Wait for it friend, even should it take you a thousand lives, for there you will encounter the thundering voice of the silent God.