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My Son The 6-Year Old Comic Book Artist

Click the link below for a full sized version. My son, Nehemiah, has taken to drawing comics of late, at least a new one every day. I am just amazed at the creativity of this little 6 year old – and I TOTALLY dig the ending. Enjoy!

Sample of Nehemiahs Comic Art

Sample of Nehemiah's Comic Art

“i love you papa”

four words that cannot be matched by any others for all they carry in meaning and emotion and hope, four words that only those who are spoken them can understand, four words that hearing them tonight dissolved all other concerns and thoughts from the day and swelled my heart with the longing to say the same to God, my papa, who for all his direction and correction and time and playfulness is the one for whom my heart lifts and turns and spins over and over…the greatness of fatherhood cannot be matched; the worded and unworded extension of a love so pure and fine is a teacher and refining fire in a way nothing else can be.

the love of children, innocent, forgiving, unquestionable, trusting, is a lesson to us all of how we ought to love… we hestitate, choose carefully to whom we shall truly offer our affections to, and we do so in stages, in parts, with a carefulness that keeps us from careless abandon and all the wonderful fruits there of… i am often told by myself and others that such loving is dangerous, how many children love the parents that beat or assault or starve them? but such is also the only Love that can reach into the heights of heaven and rest with ease in the bosom of God, listening to the soft and strong beat of the heart of God, feel the warmth of one in whom all are cherished and loved more recklessly and with more abandon than even the most trusting and innocent child is able… God is a reckless lover…