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I watched something so emotionally crippling tonight I thought I would share it – not for emotional movement’s sake – but to encourage awareness and action regarding a situation that seems to focus in and out of our consciousness depending on the media that day. The genocide that is taking place in Sudan right now is something that so many of us condemn without difficulty but also without activity.Please click HERE to view this photo commentary on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website.

There is no explanation in any religious text or elsewhere that has adequately explained to me how humans have the capacity to hate and harm each other in the way they do, or at least that I am in my present level of wisdom able to understand, but this is so very sad and is happening even as I write this and you read it. May the God of the poor and oppressed make himself known in this, such an evil event in our world …. and in whatever way we who are not living in such fear are able, may we make ourselves and our demands for justice known as well.