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There is a boy on the streets that is also a girl.

He grew up with a father that preferred his sister over him, where he was abused and eventually ran away. He was in a home for street boys for some time and there his homosexuality began to surface. The suggestion was made that he go to a different home where this would be better accepted as his conduct was bothering the others who participated in this program. This was an offense and again he made his way to the streets. He left home young. Now he is 17 and has lived a life that is hardly a life. He dresses up as he feels, like a young woman, and to survive he does what so many young girls on the streets do – he sells his body.

He tells us how he has been beaten, stabbed and horribly insulted for who he is. The weight on this young mans shoulders is incredible and bearing it in a country so full of discrimination makes it even worse. What is sad, though, is how little help he has. He tells us of the one time he can recall feeling loved and cared for. It was with a psychologist at the boys home mentioned. We have been able to contact this psychologist who is excited to come out with us some time and sit down with our young friend.

What is wrong with people? This is a question I am sure many have asked about this boy that is also a girl. I am not asking the question about him, though. I am asking the question about the people who are asking the same about him, about those who have abused him, about his father, about those who want to help kids in need but pass over this boy for their own discrimination.

The greatest thing about God, as was so evident in the life of Christ, is that what is considered is the inside – not the outside. Discrimination that leads to injustice is evil, it is a sin, it is ugly. It is not only found in the police that treat the street kids like waste, or the clients who abuse our young friend for dressing as he feels, it is found in every heart that sees one as better than another, one more worthy of another.

What is the difference

Between the rich and the poor?

Between the addict and the pastor?

Between the sinner and the saint?

Between the Christian and the Buddhist?

Between a boy and a girl?